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Paxil is an antidepressive medical product developed and patented by the Danish company A/S Ferrosan. It was approved in many countries of the world, and up till now it is considered one of the best antianxiety medications. The active component of this drug is paroxetine. This is a strong and selective reuptake inhibitor. It is regarded that its antidepressive activity and efficiency in the treatment of the obsessive-compulsory and panic disorder are conditioned by the specific inhibition of the serotonin reuptake in the neurons of the brain.

According to the chemical structure paroxetine differs from tricyclic, tetracyclic, and other known antidepressants, and therefore it is prescribed for such types of the mental disorders when other antidepressants are ineffective.

Paxil does not break psychomotor functions and does not improve the inhibiting action of ethanol to the central nervous system. Paroxetine shows antidepressive, thymoleptic, anxiolytic action, has some sedative effect. The expressed therapeutic effect develops after the first week of the treatment. The patient notices the improvement of the work of the brain, nervous system, and also improvement of the emotional condition.

Directions for the use:

Common Use

Paxil is mainly used for the treatment of the depressive disorders in adults. In pediatric practice this antidepressant is not used because of the high chance of the unwanted clinical outcomes appearance of the expressed aggression and enhancement of the depression. Before taking this drug it is needed to consult a health care provider and identify all recommendations for the use. Each patient may have unforeseen reaction to the treatment, and therefore the self-treatment may be dangerous.


Possible Side effects

The side effects of Paxil may be manifested in the first week of the treatment. Usually, these are dizziness, headache, fatigue, dry mouth, tremor, nervousness, often urination, low libido, and nausea. The side effects are not dangerous if they do not cause anxiety in the patient and do not bother his life. If the adverse reactions are strongly manifested, it means that it is needed to see a doctor. The doctor may reduce your daily dose and also prescribe symptomatic treatment of the side reactions.

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