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Deltasone General Description

Deltasone is a trade name of the drug Prednisone. This is glucocorticosteroid which is used in the treatment of different diseases. The active component Prednisone provides a manifested anti-inflammatory and antiallergic action, has anti-shock and immunosuppressive activity. It may be attributed to the pharmacological group of the hormonal non-steroid drugs which cause the metabolism change in the body to recover the healthy balance of the processes.

The pharmacological action of Deltasone touches all vital process in the body. It may influence almost on all types of metabolism, provides catabolic action, causes the increase of the sugar level in the blood, causes a redistribution of the fatty tissue in the body and destroys white grease which leads to obesity, change of the arterial pressure, may quickly excrete calcium from the body and favors the accumulation of sodium and water in the body.

The mechanism of the action of this drug is conditioned by the level of the disease severity. The severer the patient feels, the more processes there will be in order to reduce the symptoms and hasten the process of the treatment. In each body Prednisone shows different properties but it always leads to the fast and good results.

It is known that the anti-inflammatory mechanism of the action is conditioned by the inhibition of the inflammation mediators, anti-allergic effect is conditioned by the inhibition of the different enzymes which cause allergic reaction.

Directions for the use:

Common Use


Possible Side effects

In the setting of the use of Deltasone the patient may have: lowering of the body weight, increase of the acidity of the gastric juice, increase of the arterial pressure, increase of the glucose level in the blood, osteoporosis, reduction of the speed of healing of wounds, delay of the liquids in the body, headache, and general indisposition.

As the side effects of this drug may cause serious disorders the doctor must be informed about them immediately. 

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