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Cymbalta is a rather new antidepressant which has shown itself to good advantage. Its peculiarity is a rather narrow spectrum of the pharmacological activity and the effect only to certain receptors which provoke emotional instability and depression.

The pharmacological action of the drug consists in its ability to inhibit the reuptake of serotonin and noradrenaline, and at the same time it has a weak inhibiting effect to the reuptake of dopamine. This way, the principle of its work is based on the increase of the noradrenergic and serotonergic neurotransmission in the central nervous system. It means that while taking.

Cymbalta the patient experiences a regulation of the chemical balance in the subcortical structure of the brain, the work of the nervous system is improved and there is no emotional and psychological discomfort.

This is a modern drug the double mechanism of the action of which has proved its efficiency in thetreatment of the depression of the various level of the severity. Besides its high efficiency this antidepressant may brag of the significant speed of the action. A discrete antidepressive effect is observed at the first week of the Cymbalta use. Moreover, the drug is characterized by the firmness and evenness of the action, and this allows to observe the persistent improvements within entire period of the treatment.

Due to the ability to provide the analgetic effect this antidepressant is used not only for the recovery of the emotional balance but also for the treatment of the diseases of the nervous system which are characterized by the somatic manifestations.

Directions for the use :

Common Use

It is dangerous to take antidepressants without prior examination in the doctor. Incorrect dosage regimen or excessively prolonged therapy may cause physical or psychological addiction.


Possible Side effects

The side effects are possible and doctors do not deny that these reactions appear in 10% of the patients in one or another intensity. However, despite this all side effects pass during the correct use of the drug and do not harm the patient's body.

The most possible side effects are: dizziness, dry mouth, nausea, constipation, sleep disorder, weakness, high sweating, and low libido. Do not terminate the treatment suddenly because the withdrawal syndrome may appear.

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