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Colchicine General Description

Colchicine is used for the treatment of one of the most common types of arthritis – gout. This inflammatory disease of the joints is characterized by a strong painful sensations and it is almost impossible to tolerate this disease without a medical intervention. This drug is an effective anti-podagric remedy which helps to prevent the appearance of this complication and consequently relapses, and reduce symptoms.It has an expressed analgetic and anti-inflammatory action. It prevents the formation of the lactic acid in the body, regulates a metabolism of the uric acid.

The pharmacological action of Colchicine is connected with the reduction of the migration of the white cells into nidus of the inflammation and inhibition of phagocytosis of salt crystals of the uric acid. It has anti-mycotic properties, is able to inhibit the cell division. Also, in the pr ocess of the active action of this drug there is a stimulation of the function of the gastrointestinal tract and perhaps an increase of the arterial pressure and inhibition of the respiratory center. Due to this there is a significant list of the contraindications for the use especially in patients with chronic diseases of different organs.

This medical product is highly effective in the arresting of the attacks of the sharp gout. This is conditioned by rather fast onset of the therapeutic effect. Most patients experience the improvement of the general health condition within 12 hours and a possibility of the attack development is reduced. Moreover, Colchicine is able to prevent sharp attacks of the Mediterranean fever.

Buy Colchicine online

Directions for the use:

Common Use


Possible Side effects

The side effects while taking Colchiline are as follows:

If the side effects do not pass within the first week of the therapy, it is necessary to terminate the use of the drug and see a doctor. Perhaps, you will need either the change of the dose, or replacement of the medical product.

Buy Colchicine online