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Alphagan General Description

Alphagan is medical remedy that used in ophthalmology for treatment of diseases connected to increased pressure inside eyes. It is produced in form of eye drops, for higher pharmacologic effectively and maximal quick decreasing of disease symptoms.

Active substance is Brimonidine. It has anti-glaucoma pharmacologic action that lays in direct stimulation of adrenoreceptors. Hypotensive action of active substance is provided due to decreasing of formation and increasing of outflow aqueous liquid through uveoscleral tract. Stimulation of adrenoreceptors provides improvement of aqueous liquid outflow. It doesn’t provoke dilated pupils or narrowing of vessels on micro vessels level in xenotransplantation of human retina.

However, active components of Alphagan controls amount of eye liquid section. By reducing of production of aqueous liquid, it is managed to reduce voltage on eyeball, by which to increase effectiveness of treatment course.

Maximal effect of reducing eye pressure is reachable after 2 hour of use. Drug is metabolized primarily in liver. Brimonidine and its metabolites are eliminated by liver.

Directions for the use:

Common Use


Despite data which proves insignificant influence of Alphagan on whole arterial pressure, it is required carefully to use it in patient with several diseases: orthostatic hypotension, severe cardiovascular diseases, which are accompanied by heart failure, cerebrovascular disease, renal insufficiency \ hepatic failure, depressive disorder.
State of patients should be strictly controlled with given states, in case deterioration of patient’s state it is required to deny drug use.
If patient use contact lenses, before eye dropping they should be removed. Further use of lenses is possible after 15-20 minutes.Despite that Alphagan is produced in form of eye drops, it is not absorbed in stomach and almost doesn’t have side effect on organism, it is contradicted for use within pregnancy or in period of breast-feeding.

Possible Side effects

With use of Alphagan eye drops can appear several side effects:

If the side effects do not pass within the first week of the therapy, it is necessary to terminate the use of the drug and see a doctor. Perhaps, you will need either the change of the dose, or replacement of the medical product.

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