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Lumigan is a revolutionary remedy used in ophthalmology to treat glaucoma and intraocular pressure. Its active component Bimatoprost is harmless and in the live organisms because it is aliphatic acid similar to prostaglandin. This aliphatic acid takes part in the different processes of the body and even stimulates the growth of the cells.

Due to the strong physiological activity of Bimatoprost the scientists have learned to use this drug for the benefit of medicine. Lumigan is a unique remedy for the treatment of glaucoma which helps to reduce the intraocular pressure with the minimal risk of the appearance of the side effects.

The use of Lumigan for the treatment of glaucoma is approved by FDA and at the moment these drops are spread all over the world. It is possible to buy Lumigan online from any place of the world, even if this drug is run out in the pharmacies of your city and you have no time to wait for the new supply of the medicines.

These eye drops are similarly effective for closed-angle form of glaucoma and open-angle form. The action of the drug starts almost at once after the first use. One drop is enough to reduce such symptoms of glaucoma as burning, pain in eyes, redness of the eyes, itching, tension, fast fatigability, etc.

The reduction of these symptoms appears due to the lowering of the intraocular pressure. Lumigan causes the increase of the outflow of the liquid from the eyes due to which the pressure to the eye-ball is reduced and the risk of the affection of the optic nerve is also reduced. This drug will help no only to reduce pain and tension in the eyes but also prevent the severer consequences of glaucoma.

It is very easy to use the eye drops but do not forget about the hygienic norms during the use of the drug. It is very important that the cap or the medicine dropper are protected against the dust and mud because these parts may cause the infectious disease in the eyes and the inflammatory processes may appear, and it will only worsen the course of glaucoma.

The active component Bimatoprost contains the components which influence on the work of the endocrine system, and therefore as the clinical studies show patients with the diseases of the endocrine system should use Lumigan with high caution.

Lumigan has shown very good results during the study of the pharmacological safety. The side effects were rare during the use of this drug and they often appear on the initial stage of the treatment. The reaction of the body to the use of the eye drops usually was in the form of the temporal change of the eye color, light burning, irritation and redness in the area round the eyes. As for the rest, this remedy is a completely safe and does not influence on other vital functions of the body.

The availability of Bimatoprost is now on the high level. The sales of this drug have been increased by several times in several years. The matter is that this remedy not only helps to prevent glaucoma but also improves the eyelashes growth. Many women have decided to buy Lumigan online for the eyelashes growth and they are satisfied with the result because according to the data of the clinical studies the use of these eye drops may help to increase the length of the eyelashes by 25%. There is no need to use the eyelash extensions when it is possible to make your eyes beautiful naturally and safely. The increase of the eyelashes growth is also connected with the ability of Bimatoprost to stimulate the growth of the cells and separate hair follicles. At the same time, Lumigan increases only the growth of the eyelashes and is not able to improve the hair growth in other parts of the body. Therefore, Lumigan is used not only by the medical rates but also for the beauty of the eyes all over the world.

Buy Lumigan online