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Pointed condyloma is peculiar warts which appear on the genitals and are sexually transmitted, as a rule. Condyloma is one of the forms of human papilloma virus. After infection several weeks to several years may pass before the manifestations of condyloma on the skin and genitals. The main method of the treatment of the pointed condyloma consists in their mechanical removal and also use of the medical products which make the immunity stronger.

There are different methods of the removal of condyloma but the most painless and one of the most effective is Aldara drug.

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Aldara is released in the form of cream which should be applied to condyloma. It is not an antiviral drug and is not used for all forms of the human papilloma virus. Its action consists in the stimulation of the immune response of the body during the appearance of virus. It causes the production of substances in the body which destroy the cells of the virus and reduce the disease symptoms. Unlike the laser removal of condyloma Aldara not only allows to remove condyloma but also helps to increase the protective functions of the body in order to reduce the frequency of the relapses of the disease and reduce the quantity of condyloma in the future.

As the practice shows, after the course of the treatment with the drug Aldara condyloma appears again in about 20% of cases. Having second therapy guarantees almost complete disappearance of condyloma. It is impossible to completely destroy the human papilloma virus, and therefore a small risk of the relapse is left but due to the complex action to the immune system this risk is reduced up to the minimal rates.

Aldara drug is applied externally in order to act directly to condyloma and completely clean the genitals. It is better to apply the cream before going to bed, so that it will be completely absorbed by the skin. If the cream is applied in the morning or afternoon, it is probably that the part of the cream will be removed by the clothes and the drug will not be absorbed completely through the skin.

It is necessary to wash those parts of the skin with warm water in 6-8 hours after the cream application. It is not needed to apply the cream of Aldara every day. It is enough to use the drug 3 times a week. More frequent use of the cream will not fasten the removal of condyloma in the skin but it may cause the side effects because of the overdose.

Also, in case of the dosage exceeding the virus may develop the resistance to the drug action and this will reduce its efficiency during the treatment of the pointed condyloma. Due to the same cause it is not recommended to use Aldara more than 4 months running. Usually, the treatment lasts for 2-3 months, and then it is necessary to study its efficiency and make sure that the quantity of condyloma is reduced. If the second course of the treatment is needed, it is necessary to make the break for 4-6 weeks.

It has been clinically proved that Aldara is one of the safest drugs for the treatment of the pointed condyloma and the human papilloma virus. In spite of this the drug is for sale only by the prescription in many countries. If you have no prescription and you experience discomfort and feel shy to see a doctor, you may buy Aldara online. In order to buy Aldara online the prescription of the doctor is not needed and the entire procedure of the drug purchase in online pharmacy will be completely confidential.

Do not forget that applying the cream with the thick layer and increasing of the dosage regimen the patient may develop the side effects: itching or burning in the place of the cream application, redness, and irritation. During these reactions it is necessary either to reduce the frequency of the usage, or reduce the quantity of the cream application. When the side effects pass, it is possible to return to the previous scheme of the treatment.

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Buy Aldara online