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Elocon General Description

Elocon has synthetic glucocorticosteroid – mometasonfuroat.  It is hormonal remedy that effectively relives inflammatory process, contributes to vanishing of itching and reduction of fluid (blood, pus, serous fluid). Active substance of drug stimulates formation in place of applying personal proteins which blocks production of special elements connected to inflammatory process. Mometasone has anti-inflammatory, anti allergic, anti-itching, anti-fluid and vasoconstrictor action.

In case of external use of cream, ointment or lotion Elocon, absorption of drug components almost doesn’t occur, in other words, substances of medical remedy don’t penetrate into other organs, tissues and don’t have any general harmful influence on organism.

In case of irritants appearance, given drug slows down development of immediate allergic reaction, due to which patient takes well process of allergy and almost doesn’t sense any symptoms of illness.

Therapeutic effect appears in each patient differently.  In somebody it can appear 1 week after treatment, somebody gets it after 3 weeks, that’s why according from reaction on therapy; medical worker certainly prescribes treatment course and more optimal dose and frequency of drug use.

Directions for the use:

Common Use

Before starting of your treatment from acne, consult with doctor dermatologist about choosing of medical form. Gel has less concentration of Tretinoinum and it fits better to dry skin, and cream is more for fat skin. It is very important to know, because correct choice of medical from will help to speed up the process of skin clearing and will give much quicker results.


Possible Side effects

Appearance of side effects in case of Retin-a use is common practice. First days of drug use, patient can get: skin dry, little burning in area of applying, redness, itching, and severe pilling of skin. Light forms of these side effects tell that it really works.
These phenomenons must flow away, according to the fact as your skin gets used to medical remedy. In case during continues time side effects don’t disappear, you can contact with your doctor and to consult.

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